Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode I-II: It’s begun

Episode title

The episode starts where it last left off, with Maria telling her momma that Beatrice gave her that umbrella. Everyone in the house claims that they didn’t give her the umbrella, so they begin to wonder of a 19th person. Of course, Maria takes a letter out of her purse with the Ushiromiya crest on the wax seal of the envelope. Maria claims she’s the messenger of the witch.

the eyes of a Gremlin

Maria reads the contents of the letter from Beatrice, which basically states that she’s resigning her role as the family’s alchemic adviser and she’s come to take back everything the Ushiromiya family owns, plus interest. Of course, there’s a special clause to it. If there’s anyone who can solve the Witch’s riddle of the epitaph, they’ll recieve all the gold, become the new head of the family, and she’ll give back everything she’s collected.

More like he gave it to you…

After reading the letter, the entire thing just seems too absurd and stirs up a ton of tension among the adults.

He’s already made it clear that he doesn’t really care.

With that craziness going on, Battler stays in one of the guest rooms looking outside the window at the storm going on and he’s approached by his momma Kyrie, who asks him if he really believes that there’s a 19th person on the island. He isn’t really sure of the 19th person thing.

Kyrie decides to “flip the chessboard” and deduct that the one who gave Maria that umbrella IS one of the 18 people on Rokkenjima. Someone’s pretending to be Beatrice and Kyrie suspects that Maria’s the key to the puzzle since they gave Maria that letter. Rudolf comes in the room later and tells Kyrie and Battler he has something he wants to talk about, and then…

scary niggers say shet like this.

Rudolf makes that statement, causing the typical facial contortions, and elsewhere, Krauss shows Natsuhi one of the gold bars Kinzo received, so apparently Krauss lied about the gold’s existence in the meeting about the inheritance.


Shortly after, Natsuhi is having one of her usual headaches and Jessica comes to check on her. Natsuhi puts it off, not telling her daughter about the gold she just saw. She then gives Natsuhi one of the scorpion charms that Maria gave to her and Battler. Natsuhi accepts it and hangs it on her door. Later that night, George and Shannon have a cheesy lovey dovey moment with each other, with George totally proposing to the cute maid.

who wouldn’t.

After George’s little moment with Shannon, the clock ticks and it’s the next morning when Natsuhi wakes up to Mr. Clean calling her name. She looks at her door to notice bloody handprints on her door. On top of that, Shannon, Gohda, Krauss, Rudolf, Kyrie, and Rosa are missing. Hideyoshi and Eva wake up and talk to Natsuhi about the missing people and Natsuhi decides to pay Kinzo a visit. When she looks inside, Kinzo snaps at her like he would anyone else, but then asks if she longed for her family to which she replied that the Ushiromiya family is the only family for her. He then tells her though she doesn’t have the right to wear the one-winged eagle…

sounds painful.

the servants soon inform the others that they’ve found something strange about the garden tool shed. After Kanon opens the shed, Genji goes to get Nanjo and tells him something that really shocks him and Nanjo goes with Genji. Battler, George and Jessica all follow and head outside. Natsuhi tries to stop Jessica from looking, but she gets through, only to see six missing people dead with their faces destroyed (after their deaths according to Nanjo). George asks if there’s only five people in there, but they reveal a sixth person, and George recognizes the hand as Shannon’s.

Be glad they weren’t crop circles…

Looks like Rudolf was right…

Rule #1 in anything horror related: Love never works out.


That was a crazy episode. Maria getting all creepy eye’d reading the letter fit pretty appropriately, since it made me once speculate that she might even be possessed or something. Now we’re left with the obvious question: Who the hell could’ve killed 6 people and destroyed their faces afterwards?  The answer isn’t obvious, but as much as I’d like to call Maria a killer loli, she just doesn’t have the strength to kill 6 people and drag them into that shed. At least not alone anyway…

Kyrie busting out the Flip the Chessboard thing made her one of my favorites and she’s already dead. Hopefully Battler can use that trick later on.


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