Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode I-III: There’s a Gremlin in the house…

We’re back at where we last left off upon the discovery of 6 gruesome deaths, leaving the remaining people devastated and distraught over the people killed, especially George in Shannon’s case.

PhotobucketAny crying corpse is a live corpse…

George asks his dad Hideyoshi if Shannon’s wearing a ring on her finger as he cries TRUE TEARS. Hideyoshi confirms it and states it’s on her left ring finger. He also adds that He shouldn’t look at her face the way it is now since it’s totaled on the side. Eva gets mad at George for a moment but Hideyoshi stops her while indirectly making a speech about George and Shannon’s love.

The remaining people go back inside of the mansion to discuss the murders, and Natsuhi suggests that they go tell Kinzo about this and Eva offers to tag along.



After Eva and Natsuhi leave, Kumasawa comes rushing in shortly after to tell them that there’s blood all over the dining hall.

PhotobucketPedobear is raping Maria in there i hope…


They discuss the blood in the kitchen and figure that the adults were killed there and dragged to that tool shed. Afterwards, everyone heads to the living room and the cousins are still affected by their deaths.


Hideyoshi tries to draw the circle they saw on the tool shed and asked Maria about that Circle. Suddenly she laughs all creepy like and goes smartass bitch in less than two seconds, then proceeds to explain about the magic circle. After that, she apparently uses bad words.


You must be the Joker and Harly Quinn’s bastard child…



Go back to hogwarts…


“It’s the clit chosen by the clitter.” Your turn.

The statement above is enough to creep Battler out a little. After that, they remember that the shed was locked and Genji takes them to the servant’s room and Battler finds that the key used to lock the shed was put back to where it belonged.



Oh of course none of you people are culprits. You’re all saints.

After Battler says that he’s not trying to suspect anyone, Eva tells him that what Battler said made a lot of sense and then suspects that the servants are working together. Battler flips the chessboard around by saying that the fact that the servants are suspects makes them less suspicious since the culprit wants the servants to be the suspects since that key was returned.



Later, Kanon feels sad about why Beatrice had to kill Shannon off. Genji tells him that it was fate or something like that. And he also mentions the blood stains on Natsuhi’s door. Kanon then wishes that Natsuhi had died instead of Shannon. The talk of Beatrice is overheard and cut short By Battler cutting in.


It’s revenge for Shannon showing her 2girls1cup…

PhotobucketNaw, it was Freddy Kruger.


Fuck, I love this nigger.

Battler talks to the servants and they tell him that Beatrice exists. In fact, they claim that she has no body and becomes golden butterflies. Maria doesn’t help things when she shows up to back the servants up on their claim that Beatrice is real.



The new Adams Family.

After Maria tells him that he would be dead if he didn’t have that scorpion charm with him, he contridicts her by saying that he lost his charm and that he’s still alive regardless.

PhotobucketIf only you were around during the Salem Witch trials…


Oh look, Higurashi’s on.

Later on, Battler is back in the livingroom talking to the other cousins about Beatrice’s existence, while Natsuhi comes in the room with a gun in he hand, making a claim that she’ll protect everyone. Jessica claims to have heard a ghost story about someone going by the name Beatrice, which is tied to the legend of the gold Kinzo received from her. They realize that their lives are part of the “interest” being collected.


He secretly certified her with a license to kill…


She kills in MANHUNT style…


Natsuhi looks badass in this shot.

Natsuhi is then asked if she and Eva saw Kinzo and they say they haven’t. Alas, Eva takes the opportunity to bring something up: A reciept she stuck in the door. This leads to Eva accusing Natsuhi of killing Kinzo and hiding his body somewhere. Natsuhi gets angry from being accused of killing Kinzo, and points her gun at Eva out of anger. She insists that she saw Kinzo in his room when she went by herself and he told her of the one-winged eagle in her heart. Eva only taunts her, which doesn’t help the situation one bit, but everyone is interrupted by Battler, who defends Natsuhi by saying it’s too early to pin her as the culprit. Battler claims that Kinzo hid from them to avoid being seen. Eva finds it ridiculous that Kinzo would even hide, and Battler finds it odd that she stuck a receipt in the door and that her and Hideyoshi are most suspicious.


He continued to fap to his Beatrice portraits…

Later that night, Eva and Hideyoshi decide to have some alone time for a bit. Soon after, Genji knocked on their door to inform them Dinner’s ready. They don’t respond so they open the door to see it’s locked with a chain. Kanon cut the chain and they go in to find Eva and Hideyoshi murdered with ice pick type weapons in their foreheads, with the latter still in the shower.


People who wanna do it in the middle of a crisis usually end up like this:



Another pretty good episode, but this showed Eva as a red herring and yet, she’s killed along with Fattyoshi. Natsuhi needs to cool it a bit though. Battler himself though was pretty epic, and shows himself as a real character. Supposedly anyway. That flip the chessboard works wonders. But with the way Eva and Fattyoshi got killed, it looks to be a closed room-type murder.

I can conclude this much: George is one unlucky nigger. Also, I’d like it if anyone could review the font of the blog so i know it’s readable to you guys. Much appreciated.


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