Bleach Chapter 375

Kubo has amazing fashion sense…

Anyway, this chapter was surprisingly good. Really Good. As usual, spoilers are ahead. Only click if you read the chap.

Alright, about the chapter, we get a glimpse of Tony Stark’s past and how he met with Aizen during his fall. It was a quick fall too and I’m tempted to count him dead since he (in his mind) apologized to Aizen for not being able to stick around. Aizen gets tired of being on the sidelines and watching and what’s the first thing he do? He kills Halibel in the middle of her fight against Hitsugaya, Hiyori, and Lisa. (Yeah, i refuse to call her ‘Harribel’, it makes her sound hairy.)

Apparently Aizen’s not pleased at all. Though the one thing I’m peeved about since they showed a small glimpse of Shinji vs Gin…

Why the fuck didn’t they show these two fighting? SERIOUSLY. What the hell.

That’s it for my two cents on this chapter…


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