Naruto Chapter 465

I know i’m late to the game of Blogging manga too, but letter late than never, eh? I’ve been reading the Naruto manga for quite a while now, keeping up with scanlations and whatnot, same with Bleach, Bakuman, Reborn and alla that good shat. Anyway, here’s my take on the chapter,

*spoilers ahead*

Looks like Sasgay’s douchebaggery went up to new levels…

Sasuke's a dick…Seriously?

Yeah, that pic above is all I need to blog this chapter. I’m not kidding. I’m a natural born Sasuke hater. Sure, you can like the guy, you can be a fan, and I generally don’t mind. Least it’ll give the people more than one opinion about that nigger, Sasuke.

His fight against Raikage was delightful to see because he was actually giving Sasuke a run for his money. Though, this chapter, He finally finds Danzo, but the nigga runs with his tail between his legs instead of facing this fuck. Ah well, at least Mizukage will hopefully provide Sasuke haters with entertainment.

BTW, Mizukage isn’t that hawt.


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