Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode III-I: Let the grownups do the talkin’

We’ve now hit the Episode twelve to the series and the First part to the Third arc, Banquet of the Golden Witch, complete with new opening animation, although the song’s still the same.

Some screenshots of the new animation opening.


The episode begins with a trip to the past, as we get a good look at loli Beato. She’s apparently broken a vase and she panics until a silver hair’d Beatrice shows up. She tells Loli Beato that her father loved that vase. Loli Beato begs Original Beato to fix the vase for her. Original Beato only responds that she only make it so that the Loli didn’t do it. She proceeds to restore the vase to it’s original form, and once she’s done, a cat runs in the house and knocks the vase over, breaking it again. Original Beato explains that things that broke the first time are meant to stay broken. Loli Beato asks Original Beato if she could become a witch and she agrees to train her.

Get your own name…

Hogwarts is recruiting new teachers…

I remember when Leela said that…

In another Past scene, Eva gets into an argument with Kinzo about why Krauss is better than her and he gets on her case, saying she can’t be like Krauss, she has to leave the family and marry someone profitable to him. Kinzo starts coughing and Krauss tends to his him, telling Eva to show more respect. Kinzo promptly tells Eva to get out of his sight.

Later during that time, Eva is outside the mansion, talking to herself and wishing for Krauss and Kinzo to die. Subsequently, a young girl appears, sitting on the opposite end of the table and claims that she is her. This other Eva resembles her during her High School years since the sailor fuku is obvious.  Other Eva tells Eva that she should be focusing on becoming the head of the family and that she’ll help her do it if she believes in her magic. Eva wakes up on the boat, realizing it was just a dream.

And it’s not your place to have such a wide forehead…

Like this nigger?

Eva’s pretty hawt with her hair down…

You know you suck when your younger self is telling you shit like this…

Later, Battler and the cousins are on the island beach, getting reacquainted with each other. Battler says he doesn’t remember much from six years ago, but Shannon says she remembers it like it was yesterday. Jessica asks Shannon what was Battler like 6 years ago and she answers that Battler told her that he’d come back to her on a white horse, which makes Battler embarrassed and the cousins continue having fun at his expense. Then they all talk about magic and saying they’ll always be friends. *cue Meta-world scene 8*

Is that a RAEP FACE i see?


George ate Battler’s burger… the fat fuck…

The forbidden part is the kissing since they never kiss…


Beato’s timing is impeccable…

Beato decides to begin a new game on her whim. The storms of Rokkenjima happen once more and Kinzo is being his usual crazy self. He tosses his ring to Beatrice, but it’s caught by a new character, Ronove. Ronove is introduced as Beatrice’s butler and the 27th highest ranking earl of hell. Battler is slightly annoyed at Ronove’s arrival since there’s already bare legged girls and Goat heads. Meanwhile, the Family conference has started, Maria reads the letter, and everyone reacts, including Eva’s other Half, who claims that this is their chance, and it’s all thanks to magic. Of course, Eva is the one to suggest to Krauss to go speak to Kinzo about this. Once everyone’s left, Kyrie stays behind to try and get more information from Maria.

Of quality KFC I hope…

27th doesn’t seem all that high…

I wonder if water would work on her then…

We have butler who wears a fuckin’ monocle.

Kinzo doesn’t play fair… ever.

Maria: Beato touched me THERE…

Later, the cousins are in the guest house and discuss the whole Beatrice being a ghost thing, while the adults in the dining room, take most of the spotlight to discuss the motive behind Beatrice’s actions. Rosa seems pretty hesitant to speak much so she stays quiet through most of the discussion.


You can see that those tits are suddenly standing out…

May you be the first to die, fatass…

It’s called arrogance at it’s finest…

There can only be ONE

After that scene, we’re back to the Meta world and their third game officially begins. Battler is ready to play this time around, and Beatrice tells him that all she would have to do is say in red that there are no more than 18 people on Rokkenjima. Battler says that if she does say that, it’ll give him an advantage since he’ll know for sure that the culprit is one of the 18 people on the island. Ronove compliments Batter on how good a move that is and of course Battler begins to press Beato to say in red that there are no more than 18 people on Rokkenjima.

Beatrice refuses, and he presses her to repeat in red, that there are no more than 19 people on Rokkenjima, which she refuses as well. Battler takes advantage of that since he can use a 19th, culprit X instead of suspecting one of his family members. In fact, He claims that Beatrice exists as a human and not a witch, so he can use her as the culprit. Beatrice then tells Battler that she’ll show him the reason why he didn’t repeat in just a moment.  In the real world, the other adults ask Rosa what’s wrong since she’s been quiet. She gets scared and seems to remember something really bad: She killed Beatrice.

More like he took back his Phoenix Wright license…

Pull my finger!

That Should’ve been said during the previous game…

Care to explain yourself?


Alright, this episode was really good. Good pacing and it all flowed just right. It was great seeing the adults, especially Kyrie and Rudolf, get more screen time. This arc might be more focused on them instead. The first arc, Legend of the Golden Witch, was centered around the cousins and Turn of the golden Witch seemed more focused on the servants. And of course, If anyone’s gonna be the star gun holder this arc, I’ve got my money on Eva, since she seems to be a key character in this arc considering that her other half was introduced.

Taking a look back on Loli Beato’s past, we can conclude that the name Beatrice is just a title given to the one who becomes the Golden Witch and Ronove revealed that Beato was once human. I’d like to see more of the original Beato and i suspect she’ll be around quite often this arc since she was in the opening.

I also liked the cousins finally getting to have some fun. There needs to be more of these scenes around so the kids can be as developed as the Higurashi kids… What am I sayin… Battler and friends have their own flavor to’em…

One more thing I’d like to say I liked was Battler actually stepping his game up instead of losing miserably. He’s gotta make up for that previous game’s loss, because that was humiliating to go naked and get raped fed to the goats.

That’s it for my flooding of the front page with Umineko, which could turn off some potential readers of this here blog. Ah well, I’ll be blogging some Fall season anime, even though most are Sequels.


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  1. Gotta agree with ya there about Eva looking hot with her hair down.
    Also Krauss seemed to be the typical prettyboy bastard back then.

  2. Eva’s other self was that witch in the OP wasn’t it? They look alike!

  3. Gotta love Beato. Getting better and better every day

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