Bakuman Chapter 55


This nigger needs to die…

It’s official. I hate this fuck. Mr. Miura can go jump off a cliff. I’m serious. I mean, do you know how annoying this guy was this chapter?? those who’ve read it would know why. He’s against serious manga. All he wants is Gag manga. He wants it from Ashirogi Muto and that other kid who does Business Boy Kenichi. Someone needs to punch Mr. Miura and tell him to stop tryin’ to steal GinTama’s thunder. FUCK.

And of course, Tagaki decided to do 2 series, but kicked it up to 3 when he saw a contest to do a one-shot manga for Treasure (the name of the contest or company, one of those two).

I hope they can actually get Money and Intelligence going if anything.


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  1. I kinda feel bad for Mr. Miura though. Sure, he might be desperate at this point, but he probably hasn’t gotten anyone serialized because he doesn’t listen to the mangaka, just makes them do what he feels is best for him to get’em Serialized.

    I don’t blame Ashirogi for fighting back though, because Miura’s going at it the wrong way.

    • Miura may be going at it the wrong way, but It doesn’t change the fact that he’s a dick worthy of being knocked the fuck out in my opinion.

  2. Ha, I’ve hated the guy since he replaced Mr. Hattori as Ashirogi Muto’s editor. As much as i’d like his name to be written down in a Death Note, i’m afraid that won’t be happening since there are no Death Notes :p

  3. Tagaki’s got balls to wanna do 3 series at once

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