Reborn! Chapter 259

Good grief… The Funeral Wreaths are just one surprise after another! O_o (Only read the entry if you read the chapter)

465…Least we know you’re a faggot with a girl’s name now…

Yeaaaaaaaaaah… I don’t know how to use spoiler tags on wordpress… But enough about that.

The guy I-pin delivers ramen to. It’s funny how he managed to drive Zakuro off. He claims he could deal with them himself. Bold statement, but from what i saw, I’m questioning the extent of his powers. As for Dino and Hibari, they’re fighting against the immortal Daisy, who reveals something shocking about him (and the other funeral wreaths apparently), which is a box weapon buried in his body. That’s just… insane. These guys continue to surprise me more and more and I’m liking where this is going.


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  1. does i haz the first comment?

  2. Pull the box out, and watch it turn out to be a alien infant

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