Fans are big infulences

With all the abundance of Freakin Bleachers (Bleach Fans) and Narutards (Naruto fans), You’d think they’d be into some real shit like Reborn.

Reborn is Underated and Naruto and Bleach are overrated. Naruto moreso thanks to the narutards out there. Niggers don’t know when to quit huh…

I prefer seeing some real shit. Reborn is Real shit.

Bleach and Naruto ain’t real shit.

Though, why the fuck do i watch those shows and read those manga anyway?

I’ve been watching’em too long and Bleach is already close to the final battle shit, so why not finish up, eh?

Naruto’s getting better but Sasgay shippers still exist. No really, why is this nigger still alive?
Why the FUCK does Naruto dickride this fuck?
Naruto must be a gay homo faggot for wanting that douchebag

Reborn is real Shit. It can be class’d as quality manga. But hey, i wonder if the narutard in ppl will ever die.
Hell, One Piece is better than Bleach and Naruto, and if i’m calling it ONE PIECE OF SHIT, then somethin’s definitely wrong. Goddamn.

Fuck Bleach. Fuck Naruto.

And I used to love Death Note to death until the fucking fans ruined it by being retarded.

Moderation in fandom is most important. Without it, Good shit like Death Note look bad and terrible and make people retarded.

/rant I’ve met Naruto fans like this…


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  1. />Death Note sucked…..big time. AND YOU SUCK TOO

    Naruto and Bleach are the best there is /sarcasm>

    lmfao but i enjoy watching ’em….never watched Reborn though…..

    • Reborn is good shat. It’s worth the read and Watch. Though most would say that One Piece is the better of the Shonen Jumps out there

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