That Black Rock Shooter shit


I’d like to say… I didn’t like this. For two reasons.

1. I hate anything Hatsune Miku related.

2. It fuckin’ looks like K-ON.




So what the fuck’s so special about this shit? Well, perhaps it’s because it’s an action animu. Or pilot rather.
But really. If this is gonna become an anime at some point, then I have mixed feelings on that. Sure, I hate Hatsune Miku shit. Or anything  vocaloid related. And i don’t dig the K-ON artstyle.

But if anything, I have to say that judging from the pilot, it has promise.
You know, with the action and all… But even if it came out, i wouldn’t watch regularly. It just seems like something that weeaboos would overhype to hell and back.

The pilot seemed to be just everywhere.

You got an ordinary girl who apparently gets powered up due to some star and fights some bad guy and gets caught in chains or something along those lines. lol wut.


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  1. Cass The Hustla

    So….i wanna finish….watching K-ON!

    >.> And Jubbz didn’t like?

    Well i still gotta finsih that.

    And i thought Hatsune Miku was the shet and er’body wanted to hit that….and whatnot.


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