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The reason why Kishimoto gives Sasgay so much h4x

It seems like Kishimoto is gay for Sasuke Uchiha. It really makes a lot of sense to why Naruto dickrides Sasuke as well since Kishimoto has stated that Naruto is the one character he identifies with the most… Perhaps he’s gay for his Rival. If there is a rival, then Kishimoto could totally dickride Tite Kubo and they both can be butt buddies together. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it…?

The Watchmen Movie sucked

It’s as the title says. And here’s why. The rest of this entry is movie spoilers.

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The Brand new blog by the Amazing Jubbz

Just saying. This blog here should be called the Chronicles of a crazy Nigger. But alas, I am a mere soul wanting to input Commentary about anamay and Mango. 😐


Let the blogging begin soon.