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Fall Season Shows I might check out.

Looks like the niggers in the animation studios are focusing on tons of sequels…

With that aside, I can say that I’ll most definitely be blogging White Album 2 and Queen’s Blade 2. Also Biri Biri spinoff.

~I might also hit up Nyan Koi! and maybe Letter Bee. (I saw the OVA to that and It was kinda depressing for some reason).

~White Album 2 takes place where White Album 1 left off. Hopefully. Which means we’ll be seeing more of that nigger, Touya, that Haruka puppy, and maybe even that professional whore, Yayoi. What I wanna see is Yuki’s golden reaction to Toya’s lechery.
It will be gold.

~Queen’s Blade 2, i’ve already started on.

~Biri Biri Spinoff (aka, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun), is definitely a must dig. I loved the Index show. So i HAVE to watch this. Hopefully Touma would make an appearance here and there to pull an Ike Turner once more.

~Another pair of Sequels I’ll blog about will be Asura Cryin’ 2 and Natsu no Arashi 2. But they’ll be more like Quick posts. I am only one man after all.

~Letter Bee is something to look at though. It looks like another typical Shonen Jump piece of shit, but it’s story looks like it’s got something going for it. Something deep. Let’s hope I’m right.

~Nyan-Koi! Is pretty entertaining from what i’ve read in the manga, so I might do quick blogs on that, depending on my time.

~Winter Sonata is probably the first animated K-drama I’ve come across. There might be others i don’t know about. But this show looks like it’s worth it since i hear that k-dramas are all about the heavy amounts of drama and depressing glory.

~Also, i’m not gonna watch Inuyasha Final Act. Not till it hits my TV screen on [adult swim].