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A First Look: Kämpfer

Kämpfer is about a boy named Natsuru Senou who was chosen to become a Kämpfer to fight in some crazy battle. The twist is, he becomes a girl every time he has to fight.

It’s been ages since I’ve seen anything gender-bender related, and Kampfer was a most pleasant surprise. For a moment, I thought it would be a bad show, but I was completely wrong.

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That Black Rock Shooter shit


I’d like to say… I didn’t like this. For two reasons.

1. I hate anything Hatsune Miku related.

2. It fuckin’ looks like K-ON.

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The reason why Kishimoto gives Sasgay so much h4x

It seems like Kishimoto is gay for Sasuke Uchiha. It really makes a lot of sense to why Naruto dickrides Sasuke as well since Kishimoto has stated that Naruto is the one character he identifies with the most… Perhaps he’s gay for his Rival. If there is a rival, then Kishimoto could totally dickride Tite Kubo and they both can be butt buddies together. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it…?

Queen’s Blade Season 2 episode 1: Tits and ass are back, plus Tentacle rape

Looks like we’re in for another season of Queen’s Blade. Which means more lips, legs, breasts, and ass. Gotta love shows that are seemingly terrible, but are good in a way… This show takes ecchi to the next level. It’s borderline hentai/yuri. In fact, we seem to have tentacle rape now.

Of course, this is a new blog, so don’t mind the absence of Season one.

The pics in this blog are NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

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